Is Billboard Advertising For You?

billboard advertisingBillboard advertising can mean many different things.  The best form of billboard advertising for you will depend on your industry, target market and business goals.  If you’re advertising toys, roadside billboards are not your best option, because children will see other avenues of advertising much more frequently than the sign on the side of the highway.  However, if you’re advertising a “Black Friday” toy store sale, a billboard is a great place to spend some of your advertising dollars. A majority of the people traveling for the holidays are driving and a lot of those people are parents and people that will be shopping on “Black Friday” for a child they know.

There are billboards on the sides of highways and other roads, in shopping malls and other stores, even in bathrooms. The key to your billboard advertising being successful is your ad design because you have to gain the peoples interest.  You don’t just build it and they come, it needs to make them want to become your customer.

Why Choose Billboard Advertising?

Billboard advertising is a great source for branding your business because a large number of people are exposed to your brand, creating brand recognition.  Advertising on billboards is valuable because the cost per impression compared to other forms of advertising is low.  There are also digital and interactive billboards that can be more engaging to the consumer.  These  types of billboard are found in many of the same locations as static billboards.

Most U.S. cities have prohibited the construction of new billboards. Despite this fact, the costs of billboard advertising are competitive in comparison to other forms of advertising.  Pricing can range from hundreds of dollars per month to thousands of dollars per month depending on the location.

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