Corporate Advertising Package

Our corporate advertising package is for businesses with a large marketing budget that wish to use a variety of marketing techniques for branding and to expand their consumer base.  We will discuss your business goals and prepare a strategy that’s ideal for your business needs.

Corporate AdvertisingSearch engine optimization is a very important part of our marketing packages.  We will implement every technique necessary to get your business the highest rankings in the multiple different search engines.  First, We start with onsite search engine optimization, making sure your website and content are set up the way the search engine like them.  In addition, we include local seo and organic seo to reach as many customers through internet marketing as we can.  By targeting the specific keywords that your consumers are using to search for your services or products, this helps them find you.

Social media marketing is one of today’s most effective forms of advertising.  You can target your consumers by their interests, age, sex, location and more, which makes your marketing dollars go further.  The social media websites we choose for you are based on who your target market is.  For a business that is looking to target a large number of consumers, we will use multiple social media platforms.

Pay per click and display ads are a form advertising that when executed correctly can be very effective.  There are a variety of ways to use paid advertising. There are paid ads at the top of the search results, as well as display ads, shown on other websites.  We will determine the best spots for your ads based on your target market and business goals.

Corporate Advertising Cost

Traditional advertising is a great source of reaching a large customer base.  Depending on your business goals, we will advise you on the best avenue to take to reach them.  Billboard advertising is very effective for branding, your ad gets seen by a large audience building brand recognition.  TV advertising and radio advertising are other forms of advertising that are great at branding and these ads can be targeted to reach a more ideal consumer.  Regardless of which form of advertising you use, we’ll make sure your ads are effective for your business.

Our corporate advertising package is best fulfilled for businesses with a marketing budget from $6,000 to $10,000 a month.  However, we can implement this package for businesses wishing to use a more limited budget of around $4,000/month if necessary.  We will customize each advertising package to meet your needs and ensure you get the best return on your investment.