Local Marketing

What is local marketing?

Local marketing can mean a multitude of things depending on where you are and what you do.  There are a few necessities that everyone should do to ensure the most basic internet presence in their local markets.

Most importantly, in local marketing these days, you need to have a google maps listing. This information needs to be added, optimized and stay up to date. Also, this is where people can leave you reviews and you can respond to them. It is important to monitor your listings because these little details affect your rankings.  There are a variety of things you can do that will improve these listings and you can run ads in the google maps listing area.  This, like any other pay per click ad, needs to be targeted correctly and monitored for it to be effective.

Why you need local marketing.

As a result of changes in technology, come changes in local marketing strategies.  Alexa and Google Home have become a real game changer in local business marketing.  This is because the search results given by these devices are based on the google maps listings. There are things that don’t give results based on the google maps because they aren’t targeted to an area.  However, if people are looking for local businesses do get results based on those listings.  AS these types of devices grow in popularity this becomes more and more important.  Also with the large number of people searching using mobile devices, the results they get are based on the maps listings as well.

We have local marketing plans that include the research and all of the tasks required to setup and boost your local marketing.  This part of internet marketing is just a small detail and is included in some of our larger advertising packages.  Our search engine optimization advertising packages and our social media marketing packages include google maps listings.