billboard advertising tips

Billboard Advertising Tips

Billboard Advertising Tips

Billboard advertising can be very effective in reaching a large number of people, when placed in a good location.  However, if the ad on the billboard is not created using the best techniques for billboard advertising, it’s not going to give you the results you want.  These billboard advertising tips will teach you the basics of effective billboard advertising.  As you’re out driving around, pay attention to the billboards you see and think about whether or not they make you want to buy something.  Do you think they would make your spouse want to buy whatever they’re selling?  Most importantly, in 30 minutes, will you remember the name of that business, or the phone number or website?  These are all things that come into the creative side of the ad, and they are very important.

billboard advertising tips

Key to Successful Billboard Advertising

First things first, how are they going to remember what they see on the billboard?  A person driving by has around 10 to 15 seconds to notice your billboard, become interested and remember what’s on it.  Unless you have a phone number that spells out your business name or is incredibly easy to remember, it’s not needed in most cases.  Nowadays people can just google your business later and get your number.  The key focus is making people remember your business name and sometimes your location.

If your “brand” is already known in your area and you just want to boost business, billboard advertising can be a great way to do that.  You can use your products, special promotion or new items to lure people in. Geico has some billboards that say “BOAT”, that’s it, just “BOAT” but word Boat is almost the size of the entire billboard.  A word that big grabs your attention.  Another thing on the billboard is the giant Gecko, so when I saw the word boat and the Geico Gecko, immediately I knew it was for boat insurance.

Sales by Billboard

A few other great billboard advertising tips are related to the content of the ad.  This can be a great place to build credibility or sell yourself.  If you’ve won awards, put one on there or put a couple of brief testimonials or reviews.  You could also put your BBB rating or the number of Google reviews you have.  These are all things that people don’t have to try to memorize but they will make someone want to remember you.

Location Based Billboard Advertising Tips

The location of your billboard is very important as well.  The most traveled route is where you are going to get the highest number of impressions from your billboard.  However, even on the busiest highway, there are some things to pay attention to.  Are there trees blocking the view from the road to the billboard?  I have seen some relatively large companies make this mistake.  This tends to happen when you call the billboard company and they tell you they have x, y & z available.  Then you decided to take billboard x without actually seeing the location.

Another good billboard advertising tip is having a billboard on the same side of the street as your business, so that people headed your way will see it just before they get to you.  This works well for stores and restaurants to trigger people to say “oh yeah, I need to stop by there and grab something”.  Even putting an arrow on the billboard that says “1/4 mile ahead on right” is helpful.  You may have seen McDonald’s or other fast food restaurants using this billboard advertising technique on the highway or freeway.

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