Is Radio Advertising Right For Your Business?

radio advertisingRadio advertising is an excellent way to reach a specific audience in targeted areas.  In general, different age groups listen to different genres of music, this helps you to your target consumer.  You can even target your consumer by the time of day that they listen to the radio, for instance young people listening late at night, and commuters listening in the morning. In addition to traditional radio advertising, now there are several forms of internet radio that people use. The audience and the area you wish to target will determine which radio advertising we recommend for your business.

In each area, there are radio stations that are popular for listen at work groups.  Also, there are a variety of talk radio shows that have very specific information on their listeners.  These are great ways to know what your reach is for your advertising cost.

Cost of Radio Advertising

Pricing for radio advertising varies based on the length of the ad spot, the frequency as well as time of day the ad is run.  Advertising on the radio can be cost effective depending on what your goals are.  Most radio stations now offer listening through their websites as well, because many people do not use am/fm radios in their homes. This enables them to reach people listening at home and compete with internet radio and digital apps. However, in today’s society many people are listening to digital music apps in their homes.

There are a variety of options when using radio advertising as a form of marketing for your business. Most importantly, you need to make sure the ad itself is effective.  Whether you want someone to visit your website or your business, your ad needs to be designed to do that.  

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