Small Business Advertising Package

Small Business AdvertisingThe most important part of advertising for a small business is making sure they are spending their advertising dollars effectively. This advertising package is ideal for small retail stores, real estate advertising, salons and any business that needs to drive traffic but does not have a large budget to work with.

Search Engine Optimization on your website, also called onsite optimization, is the first step.  Ensuring your website has the correct content and structure so people know what you do, can find your business when they try and are prompted to act when they arrive on your website.

Social Media Marketing is a great way to find your consumer and get them to your website quickly. You can target people by age area and likes to advertise specifically to the people most interested in your product.

Advertising Budget For Small Businesses

Our small business advertising package will suit a business that has a $200-$1500/mo marketing budget. These are the best ways to get started advertising online and as you grow we can increase your marketing options. Based on your industry and location we may recommend adding additional services.

We work within your budget to get the best results, however for optimum results, multiple forms of advertising is best. The more advertising you can afford to squeeze into your small business advertising package, the better the result.  We make sure we target advertising that will work for you.  Regardless of your budget we will tell you the best ways to get the best results.