What is Social Media Marketing?

Our social media marketing is designed specifically for your business. The type of business you have and your marketing budget will help us determine the best option that’s going to get you the most reach and return for your money. Our social media marketing packages start at just $99. Some businesses are ideal for social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Some businesses are promoted better on social media sites based on sharing photos like Instagram and Pinterest. Regardless of which social media sites you are using, the goal is to get the customers into your store. On the internet, your store is your website.

There are a lot of companies and individuals that claim to “do” social media marketing. Someone posting on your social media sites is not social media marketing, it is only marketing if it builds your consumer base by building your followers and fans. If you aren’t gaining likes and followers, and those people aren’t turning into customers, it’s then it’s not getting don’t right. We use social media to ensure the people we are reaching are converting into actual customers.

There are several different steps involved in promoting your business on social media, so here’s a general breakdown of services and pricing.

Social Media Page Setup

First is having your social media page setup.  This is something we can do for you if you need it.  The standard price is $40 to setup a page but if you want social media marketing on multiple social media sites, we will give a package price.

Social Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing Ads

Social Media Marketing ads are more than just posting on your page.  When you post on the page, you reach the people that already have liked your page, these people are already your customers.  What you really need to do to reach new customers is Social Media Advertising.  This is running ads, targeting the consumers that are best for your business.  If you have a lipstick company, you would want to target women, if you have a local restaurant, you want to target people in your area.  While it is important to reach your established customer base and keep them doing business with you, social media marketing will target new customers that have not already liked your page, therefore growing your business.  We use different techniques and types of ads to get people to share and engage through your social media page.

Monthly Ad – $99/mo – This is an ad we design to engage your potential customer, get them to like your page or share your ad.  It runs through the entire month and we monitor the interactions and make adjustments according to the results.

Weekly Ad – $300/mo – These are ads we design every week to promote your business, products and specials.  This is a great way to create branding, sell products and reach new customers.

Social Media Posts

Once you have your social media pages setup, you need to have content on them.  Whether you post on your Facebook yourself or you pay us or someone else to do it.  The content is important because when someone does find your page they will look through it and if there’s nothing there, your customer will just leave.  The price of this will vary depending on how many posts per week you wish to have on your page.

We will create posts for your social media page to display to your page followers.



If you have a website, posting on social media is a great way to get people there.  Writing on your website blog and sharing the link on your social media page gives you the opportunity to get the customer to your website and one step closer to doing business with you.  Creating content on your website is great for seo also.  The price for this also varies depending on how many times per week you would like the service performed.

We will write articles on your website blog, with images and share them on your social media pages.


YouTube Marketing

YouTube marketing can be very effective depending on the business that you are in.  The prices vary depending on how often you want videos posted and if you need video production. Call to discuss the best option for you.