Our Standard Advertising Package

Our standard advertising package is design for midsized businesses. The details of each advertising package can vary depending upon the company’s target market. The goal of this marketing package is to not only target consumers on the internet but also in a particular geographic area.

standard advertising packageSearch engine optimization is not required, however it is essential to achieve the best marketing results for your business. We recommend an initial onsite optimization of your website as well as local seo and organic seo targeting everyone using search engines.

Social Media Marketing is another for of internet advertising that is extremely effective. Almost everyone is one social media these days and you can target the demographic you need for your business. Different social media platforms are work better for some businesses than others, but we advise choosing two to go with this advertising package. We will help you choose the best social media sites to use based on your industry and business goals.

Pay Per Click also referred to as Google Adwords can fit into this budget depending on the cost per click of the keywords in your industry.  Pay Per Click advertising is effective when setup properly.  Call us to find out the cost per click for businesses like yours in your area.

Traditional advertising methods are forms of marketing that do still work. Again, the industry you are in will determine what we recommend for you. If you just want to target people in one geographic area, billboard advertising can be a great way to reach a large audience on a limited budget.  If you have a larger budget, television advertising is another good way to reach a large number of people whether you are targeting a small geographic area or a larger one.  There are several other traditional advertising options that may be suitable for your business.

We recommend a minimum marketing budget of around $1000/month for the standard advertising package.  For us to get you the best return from this package a budget of $2000 – $3000/month is ideal.  We will use your marketing budget using the best methods for your business to get you the best results possible. Call us to determine which forms of advertising will be best for your business and how you should spend your marketing budget.