What Is Transit Advertising?

transit advertisingTransit advertising is a great form of branding and reaching a large audience.  Depending on the location you are targeting and what your industry is, it could be a very beneficial advertising medium.  Transit advertising can include taxi cabs, public transportation such as buses, trolleys and subways, as well as bus stops and subway stations.

In a large city advertising on various forms of transit is a great way to build your branding.  Cities such as NYC and Las Vegas have a huge number of taxi cabs but many medium to small cities don’t have such a large number of cabs.  However, these most of these smaller cities do have city buses, which can also be great for branding in a certain area.

Cost of Transit Advertising

Pricing for transit advertising can vary based on location and quantity.  Obviously, the larger cities have a higher demand, which means higher prices.  We can provide pricing for any market in the U.S. that you are interested in advertising in.  For the best results, we will discuss your the demographics of the areas you wish to focus on.  Therefore, we will reach the most desired consumers for your industry and business.

Call us for more information on geographic locations and pricing in those areas.