What is TV advertising?

TV advertising is one of the most effective forms of branding.  You can reach a very broad audience in a short amount of time.  It also enables you to target your consumer based on their likes and interests.  If your target audience is children, you run your ads on kids stations.  When you are targeting twenty somethings, you go with hulu and netflix, and if you’re targeting older people, run your ads during the news.  To reach the most people, run prime time ads but, this will all vary based on your budget and if you are limited there may be better options for advertising your business.

TV advertising

Is TV Advertising For You?

TV advertising is not something that is very effective with limited marketing budgets. Pricing for TV ads vary depending on the channel, the time as well as current events that may be happening in society.  It is a well known facts that super bowl ads are effective, however they are not cheap.  The superbowl is how Godaddy branded the company many years ago,so these type of ads are very successful.  Another popular time for advertising when prices rise significantly is during elections.  Political campaigns have big budgets and competing with those budgets can be pricey.

Our goal is to focus on your target consumer and run ads that will display to them, while keeping within a reasonable budget.  Running TV ads during prime time is a highly effective spot but also highly desirable, thus costs more.  In addition to Traditional television advertising, many people use subscription services to stream videos & tv, like Hulu and Netflix.  These video streaming services are another great form of video advertising.  We will discuss your business goals and budget and advise you where your advertising dollars will be best spent.

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