What is website hosting?

Anyone with a website on the internet has to have website hosting.  Hosting is a part of your internet marketing and is essentially the space you “rent” to place your website within the world wide web.  It’s like building a house but you have to have a piece of land to build it on. However with websites, you build a website and you have to have hosting space to publish your website to the internet.

website hosting

If you are ordering a new website and you don’t have a hosting account somewhere, we can provide your website hosting.  If you already have hosting somewhere and would like to switch, we can help you switch.  Who you have hosting with is important because hosting companies vary in reliability and customer service.  Therefore, we only provide hosting from the best providers which allows us to ensure little to no website down time.  Even hosting providers do updates, so it’s important to know how those updates will effect you.

Why use our website hosting?

Having us host your website is best because we can make changes, updates and fix problems. There are problems that happen naturally over time as the internet changes.  Periodically, coding needs to be updated, email problems happen and all of that runs through your hosting account.  For $10 a month we provide website hosting and make sure everything is running smoothly.  Contact us to get started today.

Hosting Account Management

If you already have website hosting and would like hosting management, we have a service to provide that as well.  Price vary based on the number of domains, websites, ssl certificates and other programs you have within your hosting.  We will make sure your domains stay up to date, php coding is kept current and emails function properly.  Call for details and pricing.