Do You Need Website Maintenance?

Most importantly, if you make frequent changes, additions or updates to your website, our unlimited package is the website maintenance plan you need. This is ideal for eCommerce websites, car dealer websites, real estate websites because any business where the product is always changing has frequent maintenance needs.

However, if you are a smaller business that just needs occasional updates made and occasional emails created, our standard maintenance package will work for you. Furthermore, you can always upgrade or downgrade at anytime as your business needs change.

website maintenance

Our Website Maintenance

With our website maintenance packages all you have to do is either call or email us and we will get it taken care of asap. There are limitations to each of these packages because they do not include a total overhaul over your website. However, with frequent updates, a design update price will be lower since there is less work to be done.  We can discuss the best option for you based on your business plans.

We always advise our clients to have some sort of a maintenance package with us because websites get hacked, internet code gets updated and these things effect your website. You could run into a problem with your website and the cost to fix it without our maintenance package is charged hourly therefore could be costly depending on the problem.

Why business owners love our maintenance services

Many business owners use our website maintenance services and find it very beneficial since when they need something all they have to do is call.  Our customer service is a big part of why some of our clients have been with us a decade now.  Anytime they have a problem, we come to the rescue and our maintenance packages make that possible for them.  When you’re running a business worrying about your website is not something you should have to do.
We have three levels of service that we provide.

Superior Website Maintenance Frequent Small Changes
$199 Per Month
Email Creation
Contact and Staffing Updates
Photo Updates and Changes
Updating Pricing and Specials
New Pages (limited)
Content Updates
Unlimited Website Maintenance Frequent Changes and Updates
$500 Per Month
Unlimited Email Creation
Content Update Optimization
Unlimited Form Changes
Unlimited Content Changes
Up To 3 New Pages Monthly
Priority Services

Call us to discuss the best options for your business.