We Offer Website Training

Do you have an individual on your staff that is computer savvy? If they are capable of doing certain website tasks, we will teach them how to use your website.   This includes making blog posts, publishing them, adding products for eCommerce sites, etc.  Our website training program is great for businesses that sell products online, get new products often or change products often.  This is also a great option if you want to start a blog.

Our websites are built on a platform that is easy to use for certain tasks and easily teachable, however our training is not to teach them how to make major website changes. If they make a mistake and we have to fix it, you will be charged.  We will teach the staff what not to do as well, because this will ensure they don’t damage your website.

How does website training work?

We provide training via the phone or we can come to you and train live in person.  First, we will walk your staff through the login process. website trainingThen we will go over how to access the blog or the products you sell. Furthermore, they will learn when to access the pictures and how to add new pictures for the blog posts or products.  Finally, we will go over the necessary steps to input the desired information properly and how to check their work.  We also include tips on how to make the data search engine friendly, which gets better search results in the various search engines.

It is important that the person(s) being trained are computer literate.  Our website training prices vary based the number of people, subject of training and the method of the website training.  If you don’t have anyone on your staff to manage you website needs, one of our internet marketing packages can fulfill this need for you.  Our packages include blog writing, inputting products, as well as social media marketing.  If you think website training would work for your staff, please call for details about our training packages.